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May 27th 2019
Added a new weapon design, "The Horseshoe Laser Pistol".

May 22nd 2019
Added my new "Ship Jumper Logo", and a bunch of variations I explored before deciding on the final.

Feb 24th 2019
Added two sheets of logos that didn't make it for "The Story Of Inc" book project.

Feb 12th 2019
Added a Megastructure, the "Nicoll-Dyson Laser".

Jan 29th 2019
Added a new painting from my Inc book project "Inc Coral Desert Wandering 15"

Dec 5th 2018
Added a new painting from my Inc book project "Inc God Robot 2 Final Battle 1"

Nov 20th 2018
Added two new paintings, "Eden Habitat 2" and "Mothership At Sunset Rough"

Nov 14th 2018
The website CGTrader was nice enough to do an interview with me a few weeks ago talking about art, industry trends, etc. Really impressed with how professional these guys were, for those who don't know, CGTrader is a market place for 3d models and other things 3d artists need. Had a fun time chatting with them. Read it here:

Oct 19th 2018
Added a new fantasy painting "Foggy Morning At The Abandonned Tower".

Oct 16th 2018
Added a painting for "The Heritage Universe Zardalu".

Sept 17th 2018
Added a vehicle painting "Half Moon Troop Transport Rough".

Sept 4th 2018
Added a robot painting "Smash Giant 2".

Aug 22nd 2018
ImagineFX and 3D World magazines have published great book reviews for "The Story Of Inc", links to buying the magazines are on the Published page, as well as info on Nuthin But Mech 4, which has kindly included one of my images in their latest release.

Aug 21st 2018
Added a second "Rungworld" Megastructure painting.

July 23rd 2018
Added a new Megastructure painting "Rungworld".

June 19th 2018
Added a new painting "Future City 2".

June 12th 2018
Added 4 new pieces of Inc artwork to the gallery. To purchase the book, please visit

May 28th 2018
Added a new Megastructure painting "The Bishop Ring".

May 14th 2018
Added a set of thumnail sketches called "Inc Coral Desert Wandering Silhouette Sketch".

May 8th 2018
Added a set of thumnail sketches called "Monolithic Buildings".

May 1st 2018
Added a new Megastructures painting "Starlifter 3".

Mar 20th 2018
Digital Art Live Online Magazine put "Gas Walker 1" on the cover to their latest issue, thanks guys! Digital Art Live Issue 27

Mar 8th 2018
Added new painting "Rescue Party".

Feb 23rd 2018
Added new vehicle painting "Heart Of The Giant Crew Pod 1".

Feb 21st 2018
Added new robot painting "Dig".

Jan 22nd 2018
Added new robot painting "Spider Walker Robot 6".

Jan 16th 2018
Added new vehicle painting "Thusolan Teardrop Craft".

Jan 9th 2018
Added new vehicle painting "Heart Of The Giant: Ganymede Freighter Aphelion 1".

Dec 26th 2017
Added new vehicle painting "Moon Mining Transport".

Dec 18th 2017
Added new spaceship painting "The Thunderbolt".

Dec 10th 2017
Added new Megastructure "Megastructure 9 Gas Giant Refinery".

Nov 16th 2017
Added a new vehicle painting and pen sketch "Futuristic Car 1".

Nov 9th 2017
Added a new spaceship painting and pen sketch "The Hornet".

Nov 6th 2017
Digital Art Live Online Magazine was nice enough to do an interview with me about my artwork, especially the Megastructure series I've been working on: Digital Art Live Issue 23

Oct 24th 2017
Added a new painting "Ship Jumper Starship Hallway 2".

Oct 10th 2017
Added a new painting "Inc Going Home".

Sept 28th 2017
Added a new Megastructure painting, a near future jet painting, and another view of Inc and Landis outside the wall of the Oasis.

Sept 22nd 2017
Added two new robot roughs based on the thumbnails I posted a few weeks ago. Added a bunch of space tug thumbnails and one more finished painting based on the designs. And added a simple sketche exploring various angles of the citadel for Inc.

Sept 14th 2017
Added a bunch of new images showing off the designs for the Inc Guardian heads, and then more detailed images of Guardian 2.

Sept 9th 2017
Added new Inc painting "Inc Coral Desert 2" and then two sets of designs for the coral in the desert.

Sept 7th 2017
Added two new Inc painting "Inc Introducing Inc And Landis" and "Inc God Robot 1 Defends 5".

Sept 4th 2017
Added a new Inc painting "Inc Climbing The Citadel".

Aug 31st 2017
Just finished the new Stephen Baxter book "Xeelee Vengeance", and it inspired 4 paintings / designs, now available in the gallery.

Aug 28th 2017
Added a new robot painting "Spider Walker 15 Rough".

Aug 25th 2017
Added two new images, "Top of The World" rough painting and some warmup sketches of spacecraft for my Ship Jumper IP.

Aug 24th 2017
Added a number of rough 4 legged walking army robots called 'Spider Walkers".

Aug 17th 2017
Added "Inc His Own Mortality" digital collage.

July 27th 2017
Added "Inc Alien Interior 5 Rough" painting.

July 25th 2017
Added "Inc God Robot 1" 3d Model.

July 13th 2017
Added "The Crystal Cavern 2" and "Inc Discovering The Citadel" paintings.

July 11th 2017
Added "Floater 6" creature painting.

July 10th 2017
Added "Spiky Alien Landscape 2" painting.

July 6th 2017
Added "Inc Coral Desert Wandering 12 Rough" painting.

June 27th 2017
Added "Inc The Robot Rough" design variations and "Inc Distant Mirage 2" digital collage.

June 22nd 2017
Added "Inc The Robot 14 and Landis" digital models.

June 20th 2017
Added the revised "Inc The Robot 14" digital model.

May 5th 2017
Added "Inc Aliens Warp Gate 1" digital collage.

Apr 24th 2017
Added "Ship Jumper Starship Hallway 1" 3D Model.

Mar 28th 2017
Added "Starship Hull 17" and "Spiky Alien Landscape 1 Rough" painting.

Mar 6th 2017
Added "Ship Jumper Super Robot 1" head painting.

Feb 27th 2017
Added "Inc Aliens Warp Gate 2" Digital Collage.

Feb 14th 2017
Added "Megatsructures 7 Star Lifter" Painting.

Feb 2nd 2017
Added "Into The Hatch" Key Scene Rough Painting.

Jan 7th 2017
Added one new Inc painting "Inc Oasis Wall 1" and 3 Oculus Medium experiments: "Skagin", "Floater 1" and "Monolith Artifact 1 3D Sketch".

Dec 26th 2016
Added "Refinery Sunrise Rough" painting, "Doomsday Machine 4 Color Sketch", and an alternate painting of "Inc Oasis Gate 3". Wishing everyone the best 2017!

Dec 13th 2016
Added "Xeelee Sequence Timelike Infinity The Eye Of The Spline 1" painting.

Dec 7th 2016
Added "Next To Conquer Rough" and "Last Stand Rough" paintings.

Nov 28th 2016
Added "Inc Coral Desert Wandering 9 B Rough" painting.

Nov 25th 2016
Added "Atmospheric Entry Color Sketch" and "Base Of The Falls Silhouette Sketch" paintings.

Oct 20th 2016
Added "Inc I'm Going" painting.

Oct 5th 2016
Added "Inc Meeting The Space Pirates Rough" painting.

Sept 11th 2016
Added a new Starship Hull image: "Starship Hull 16". And a "Xeelee Sequence Exultant Conurbation Line Sketch".

Sept 2nd 2016
Added "Inc Oasis Gate 3" painting.

July 25th 2016
Added a new Starship Hull image: "Starship Hull 15".

July 18th 2016
Added 2 new images based on books I've been reading: "The Heritage Universe Zardalu Line Sketch" and "Xeelee Sequence Timelike Infinity The Eye Of The Spline Color Sketch."

July 6th 2016
Added a new painting: "Inc God Robot 2 Final Battle 2 B".

July 2nd 2016
Added a Google Tilt Brush experiment "Space Battle 1".

June 27th 2016
Added "Starship Hull 14".

June 14th 2016
Added "Megastructures 6 Skyhook", the next in my Megastructure series.

June 1st 2016
Added "Megastructures 5 Shkadov Thruster", the next in my Megastructure series.

May 28th 2016
Added pictures of the Inc The Robot Model Kit, created by Nathan Fariss based on my Inc design.

May 17th 2016
Added new design "Xeelee Sequence Exultant Greenship".

May 9th 2016
Added "Megastructures 4 Krasnikov Tube", the next in my Megastructure series.

Apr 19th 2016
A new painting for the Inc project, "My Friend", the book should be available in a couple of months!

Apr 14th 2016
"Megastructures 3 Alderson Disk", the next in my Megastructure series.

Mar 17th 2016
Interviewed by The Big Bad World Of Concept Art, broken into 3 parts, check them out: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mar 15th 2016
A new painting for the Inc project, "Inc God Robot 1 Defends 4".

Mar 7th 2016
"Megastructures 2 Space Elevator", the next in my Megastructure series.

Feb 22nd 2016
"Megastructures 1 Ringworld", the first of a new series I'm working on, Megastructures will explore a number or larger than life scifi engineering projects.

Feb 11th 2016
It's Art did an interview with me on the making of Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. I discuss our work doing Visual Development and then Sets, lots of pre-production artwork from myself and the talented Pixar team. Check it out, and thanks to Patrice for the interview!

Feb 10th 2016
A new painting for the Inc project, "Aliens Arrive In The Past 1".

Jan 12th 2016
A new painting for the Inc project, "Coral Desert Wandering 10".

Dec 16th 2015
A new painting for the Inc project, "On The Horizon 4", A and B.

Dec 7th 2015
The moment has come, here's the full reveal of the two heroes of the Inc book project, Landis and Inc The Robot! Together they go on a very unique journey on a desert planet, where even a drop of water can mean the difference between life and death. Click on the Gallery for images.

Nov 27th 2015
Design Studio Press has released their book "Nuthin' But Mech 3", which contains a number of images from my Inc book project. Check it out here.

Nov 16th 2015
Added a new painting called "Xeelee Sequence Resplendent The Worlds Of Man Fell Dark".

Nov 9th 2015
Added a new hard surface model called "Power Cell" that I made for a tutorial on texturing.

Sept 30th 2015
Added 3 new paintings for a film project called "Peril", and added two new rough paintings called "Cattle 4 Rough" and "Xeelee Sequence Vacuum Diagrams The Edge Rough".

Aug 18th 2015
A new painting for the Inc project, "Inc Coral Desert Wandering 2 Rough".

Aug 3rd 2015
A new painting for the Inc project, "The Aliens Arrive 1D".

July 15th 2015
2 new "Tech Floor" Spaceship hull images, and a remix of an older one.

June 19th 2015
Taking a brief Inc Break, added a new painted rough "The Qax Assault".

Dec 1st 2014
Added the first Teaser Poster for my book project "Inc".

Aug 5th 2014
Added 2 "Inc" Logo designs, 2 images on epic starships for my gumroad tutorial, and the main alien mothership design for "Inc".

June 22nd 2014
Added two teaser images from "Inc" and the website design for my new splashpage.

Feb 3rd 2014
Added two new speed paintings for the hell of it, "Armada 3 Rough" and "Island In The Fog Color Sketch".

Dec 31st 2013
Added a new teaser rough painting for my new book project codenamed "Inc".

Nov 1st 2013
Added 2 new rough alien paintings, "Alien Portrait 2 Rough" and "Alien Portrait 3 Rough".

Oct 28th 2013
Added a rough painting experiment called "Alien Portrait 1 Rough".

Mar 29th 2013
Added new speed creature sculpt called "Magic Carpet". Also opened new galleries on CGHub and Tumblr, it's the same artwork as presented on my webpage, but if you prefer following art on either of these two sites you now have that option.

Feb 22nd 2013
New finished painting "Hive Mind II".

Feb 2nd 2013
New Tech Floor Image Number 11!

Jan 16th 2013
Quick study: Marin Sunrise II.

Jan 13th 2013
New Tech Floor Image Number 10!

Dec 21st 2012
One last new painting from a series I plan on developing next year called "One World Divided".

Dec 17th 2012
Added a new speed painting: "Impact 2". Added a concept for the Ghost Hunter Bertie MK3 I'll be painting in the near future. And added three speed paintings for a new project called "Light And Letters".

Nov 12th 2012
Added a new speed painting called "Instagram Monster Scene Rough".

Sept 6th 2012
Added a new environment painting: "The Northern Gate".

Aug 26th 2012
Added a revised weapon design: "M-0908 Mars Issue Submachine Gun MK2"!

Aug 19th 2012
Added a new color abstract and a new robot head speed painting called "Tophatbot Rough".

Aug 12th 2012
Added a new weapon design: "M-0908 Mars Issue Submachine Gun".

Aug 10th 2012
Added a new painting from a photo: "McClures Beach I". Hope to go out next week for some real Plein Air digital painting.

July 12th 2012
Added a new rough creature painting "Sail Body Rough".

July 8th 2012
Added some new paintings, "Tech Floor 9 Rough" and "The Act Of Creation Part 1 Color Sketch".

June 19th 2012
This coming weekend will be the release of Pixar's 13th film entitled "Brave". I was lucky enough to work on this film more than 3 years ago on a preproduction test, where I modeled and shaded a whole ton of trees. Sadly, scheduling conflicts didn't allow me to work on the final film (although a few of my assets did make their way onto the screen), but the production sets team for Brave did an absolutely amazing job, from working out ways to put bark on trees, to growing tons of moss to pushing sculpting to new heights. Spectacular work everyone! Also make sure to check out the Art of Book, such beautiful concept art. Hope you get a chance to see the film this weekend!

May 23rd 2012
Added some quick silhouette sketches called "Journey To The Mountain".

May 6th 2012
Added a new finished painted based on an old digital rough called "Fortress II".

Apr 7th 2012
Added a piece of Halo fanart called "Grunt".

Mar 24th 2012
Added a new speed painting: "Gas City III".

Mar 17th 2012
Added a new tech floor rough and silhouette sketch: "Tech Floor 8".

Mar 4th 2012
Added three new rough paintings: "Canyon Sunset", "Day's End 2" and an organic character rough "Flathead".

Feb 26th 2012
Added a new rough called "Fire God".

Feb 18th 2012
Added two new sketches to the gallery, a tribute to artist Ashley Wood, who's work I've enjoyed greatly over the years.

Jan 13th 2012
France's Computer Arts Magazine has published an 8 page interview with me in their Computer Arts Creation 3D Masterclass Vol 5 publication. Check it out if you can read french, and thanks guys for including me in the magazine!

Nov 4th 2011
I am honored to have CGSociety do a 2 page Interview / Article on my personal artwork and work at Pixar, and a "Meet The Artist" Q&A, where readers of the site ask me questions for a week, and I go in and answer them. Feel free to check out the article here.

July 7th 2011
I am honored to recieve an Excellence award in Science Fiction and get a 2 page spread of my "Day's End" image included in Expose 9 by Ballistic Publishing.

Mar 12th 2011
Added a number of odds and ends from last year and early this year,  including 11 landscape studies, one color abstract and a quick speed painting. Life as a father sure is busier, although I knew that would be the case going in. Still, think I'm slowly finding the right life balance, and should be able to get back to some more involved artwork soon. My creative side needs an outlet, even if the creativity is dulled by sleep deprivation. More scifi work soon!

Aug 20th 2010
The UK 3d Magazine 3DArtist has an interview with me in their Issue #18, which includes a number of images, as well as a 2 page interview about my personal work and my work at Pixar. Should be on news stands soon. Some questions in this interview ended up on the cutting room floor due to space considerations, to read that part of the Q&A, visit here.

July 11th 2010
Had my image "Over Black Clouds" published in the magazine 3DArtist Issue 16. Added a bunch of new artwork to my gallery: a new environment painting called "Day's End", 7 rough mechanical sketches called "Tech Floor" 1 through 7, and an abstract painting called "Color Abstract 6". If you haven't already, check out the Pixar film "Toy Story 3", and the short film opener "Day And Night", both of which I worked on for a brief stint.

Apr 5th 2010
Added a bunch of new artwork: 2 new environment paintings, one called "Over Black Clouds" which I made for a CD Cover for the band "God Fear None", and a new painting called "Misty Mountain". Also, a new rough environment painting called "Flat City", a new test called "Spore III" that shows off mudbox 2011's new Vector Displacement Map feature. Two painted studies called "Marin Sunset III" and "Marin Sunset IV", and a new acrylic painting "Intergalactic Night Flight" along with its digital color rough.

Dec 3rd 2009
Added two new interviews, Camminando Scalzi…Walking Barefoot Neil Blevins Interview and Neil Blevins Interview. Added a bunch of new artwork: 3 Sketches called "Finbot", "Flat City" and "Nautillusbot", some rough environment paintings called "Alien Forest", "Deadlands", "Twin Peaks III" and "Mountainside Base", a rough scene  painting "The Gathering III", and two studies called "Marin Sunset" and "Marin Sunset II". I have some other new more finished pieces ready for release, I just need to get final permissions from the clients, they'll probably get added early next year.

Sept 5th 2009
Added a bunch of new speed paintings and sketches to the art gallery. Added the new painting "Seek Out New Life", added rough scene "Gas Giant". Added sketches "Brainbot", "Space Battle II", "Snort", "Crabhead", "Fortress I", "Mountainside Base", and "Floating Squid I". Added Silhouette sketch "Tatbots". Added Color Sketches "Twilight Approaching", "Coral City II" and "Grabbot I". Added rough hard surface paintings "Brainbot", "Floating Squid I", and "Grabbot I". And finally added environment speed paintings "Fortress I", "Fortress II", "Pyramid II", "Ridge At Sunset", "Rock Towers", "Space Battle II", "The Ark II", "The Wall", and "Twilight Approaching".

July 3rd 2009
Added a bunch of new artwork to the art gallery. Added the "Mortuary Robot" model, which is the robot I created for my newly released gnomon DVD "Hard Surface Shading & Texturing". Added a new speed painting called "Golem". Added 4 Silhouette sketches called "Octobot 2 Silhouette", "Watcher Silhouette", "Hangman Silhouette", and "Alchemy Test A Silhouette". Added 5 Color Abstract tests. Added a shader test called "Alien Craters". Finally added two new robot sketches, "Mortuary Robot Sketch" and "Old Angel Robot Sketch".

May 18th 2009
Added a bunch of new artwork to the art gallery. Added a new scene called "Hive Mind I". Added a new environment matte painting called "Twin Peaks II". Five creature, robot and environment sketches called "Crabbot Sketch", "Floater II Sketch", "Hard Back Whale Sketch", "Fat Beast Sketch" and "Rock Towers Sketch". Added a few new speed paintings called "Upstate Sunset", "Flying Wing" and "Cacodaemon". And finally a new hard surface model called "Multilegbot". Expect an update with some new robot models that I should have permission to show soon.

Mar 8th 2009
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at Wondercon 2009, the convention was a lot of fun (although I got a nasty throat bug while I was there that's kicking my butt right now). The posters really sold well at the show, and I got a chance to meet some awesome people, including a few artists that I grew up admiring who I caught walking the show floor. Also thanks to everyone who came to the opening of the Periscope Cellars Science Fiction show, the event had a lot of variety with respect to the artists, and it was cool seeing some of my work on the wall for a change, instead of on the computer screen. Rumor has it this event might become a yearly thing, we'll see how it goes. Sorry there hasn't been any new artwork lately, I've been hard at work on an instructional DVD that will hopefully be released this summer, as well as other non-art related projects, but I hope to have some time to dedicate to making new art once I'm done. Take care!

Jan 28th 2009

I will be displaying some of my artwork at the "Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Show At Periscope Cellars" at 1410 62nd Street Suite B (@ Hollis) Emeryville, CA 94608 from Feb 2nd till Feb 27th. I will also attend the reception on Feb 6th from 6pm till 9pm if you want to drop by to say hi. A number of other artists will also have work in the show, including Brenoch Adams, Robert Hunt, J.B. Lowe, Deth P Sun and more. Go here for more information. I will also be selling my prints and posters again at this year's Wondercon in San Francisco from February 27th till March 1st. Go here for more info.

Dec 20th 2008
Added a bunch of new speed paintings to the gallery. Most of these are not sci-fi / fantasy related, but based on landscape photographs from around the world. I found the exercise to be a lot of fun, and I know the practice will help me when I start back into my robots, creatures and alien landscapes in January. So enjoy the change of pace, and for all your hardcore sci-fi folk, don't worry, I have some great new ideas for 2009 that I think you'll enjoy! The Details: Added two Sketches called "Twin Peaks 2" and "Grabbot Sketch", added two Color Roughs called "Eruption" and "Red Devil", and added 5 speed painting studies called "Cliffs Of Moher", "Big Sur Sunset", "Lake Mead Sunset", "Lausanne", and "Distant Hills".

Nov 8th 2008
First off, a big thanks to everyone who came to APE and visited my booth. I really appreciated all your feedback. And a big thanks to those who supported me by purchasing one of my prints or posters, I hope you really enjoy them. Speaking of posters, I now have posters available in the Store section of the website, check them out. Also, added two new mudbox models in the gallery, "High Priest" and "Kyte".

Sept 17th 2008
I will be selling posters and limited edition fineart prints of my work at this year's Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco on Nov 1st and 2nd. So drop in and say hi, and check out all the other fantastic artist who will be showing off their stuff. For more information, go here.

Aug 15th 2008
I am honored to have been both a judge for, and to have gotten some of my images into the book Elemental 3 by Ballistic Publishing. I have a chapter in the new book Digital Art Masters Volume 3 discussing how I went about creating my "Mouths To Feed III" image. To purchase the book (and get a preview) go here. A bunch of interviews this month, 3DCreative did a 7 page interview with me, which also includes a number of images, go here to purchase Issue 35 of their magazine in pdf format. It's Art Magazine has interviewed me about the work I did on Pixar's film Wall-E. If you read russian, check out another new interview with me at the website. Added several new images to the gallery, 2 models called "Prey" and "Loaderbot 1", a speed painting called "Cattle III" and a new 3d image called "The Ark".

June 7th 2008
I am honored to have some of my work appear in both Expose 6 from Ballistic Publishing, as well as in It's Art Magazine Gallery Selection Year In Review Issue 1 2008. Go to the Published section for more information. I've spent the past year and a half working on Pixar's latest film Wall-e, modeling and texturing environments. The film will be out in North America on June 27th 2008. Check it out. Added a few new images to the gallery, including a rock test, a new speed painting called "Armada". I also added a test of a fire hydrant, which is one of the examples I'll be showing off during my Siggraph 2008 Autodesk MasterClasses on Shading and Texturing. For tickets, go here.

Dec 19th 2007
Added a ton of new images to the gallery. Added 3d Images "Eyes", "Gas Walker I", "Mouths To Feed III", "Marianas II" and "El Capitain". Added digital paintings "Cattle II", "Control", "Gas Walker II" and "Coral City". Added Shaders "Old Metal" and "Fuchsia Anthers". Added models "Otter" and "Sandman". And added a typography piece called "Digital Stabbing Thick Example I". Go here for an online article on me by It's Art Magazine.

Sept 13th 2007
An interview, as well as a collection of my works has been included in It's Art Magazine Issue 11, which is available now in both free and pay versions. To get your copy, go here. Check it out, there's also lots of great artwork by other fantastic artists.

Aug 19th 2007
My "Earth Dweller" image has been included in the book Expose 5. Check it out, it contains a lot of fantastic artwork from talented artists. The JV Pixar News has an interview with me available here. Added 3 new images, a sketch called "Creeper Sketch", a model called "Unborn", and a new reaper image, "Reaper 9".

June 4th 2007
Added 3 new images, two digital paintings called "King II" and "Tower To Heaven", and a new 3d Image called "Planetary Defense".

Feb 19th 2007
Added 2 new images, a 3d image called "Devoured III" and a digital speed painting called "Cattle".

Dec 16th 2006
Go here for an audio interview I did for cgcast, an informal chat about art, software and working in the industry. Added a ton of new artwork. 2 new 3d Images called "Mortal Terror" and "King I". 8 new digital speed paintings. A new model called "Sucker K". And a new sketch called "Slither Sketch".

Nov 3rd 2006
I've been chosen as the artist of the month at the NPowerSoftware site, check out my mini interview here. Thanks guys! Added 4 new images, a new 3d Image called "Earth Dweller", a new sucker, a new speed painting called "The Strongest Survive", and a quick sketch called "Knife Head".

Sept 9th 2006
Limited Edition fine art prints are now available of my work! Please visit the Store section. Added some new artwork, two 3d images called "Devoured II" and "The Reaper XIII", a shader test caled "Gum Eraser", and a new sucker called "Sucker I". I'm also honored to have gotten some of my work into the upcoming September Issue of ImagineFX magazine in the Reader FxPose section.

Aug 4th 2006
I am deeply honored to be chosen as one of this year's six Autodesk Masters. A big thanks to Autodesk and everyone who voted, and thanks to all the nominees. Go here to see all the masters, and go here for my "Q & A" for Autodesk.

July 12th 2006
Added some new artwork to the gallery, a robot model called "Anterak 21", and a mudbox experiment called "Sucker H". Also added 2 digital paintings, "The City Gates" and "Scream".

June 6th 2006
I am honored to have been nominated for the Autodesk Masters Program. Go here and vote for whomever you feel is most deserving of the award. Added a bunch of new artwork to my gallery, a test called Cocoons, a shader ball test called Scales, 2 untextured models called Capsulebot and Virusbot, a new 3d image called Gas City 2, and a new digital speed painting called Pyramid.

Mar 28th 2006
Added a bunch of new artwork, an untextured 3d model called Stickbot 1, a 3d character for the book The Softwire: Rings Of Orbis, a fully textured 3d model called Horn Face, a full 3d image called The Gathering 2, a quick sketch of a Floater, the second in my Spore series of tests, and a 3d image/painting called Swirling Sands.

Mar 11th 2006
I reorganized the gallery a bit, adding a new page of thumbnails sorted by category as well as the usual thumbnails by date.

Mar 2nd 2006
I am honored to be included in the Artist's Corner feature on the Pixar website, the interview is available here. MayaMax3D.NET has also interviewed me, read it here.

Dec 21st 2005
Added a detail to my Distant Outpost image, and a picture of the inspirational vegetable to my Inner Growth image.

Dec 19th 2005

Added a whole ton of new artwork. Added five Sucker models, two digital paintings: Gas City and Kat 2, two 3d scenes, Distant Outpost and Inner Growth, and an image for a cd cover for the band Element called Blood Planet.

Sept 6th 2005

Cg Underground has interviewed me, read it here. Added a wireframe and ambient occlusion render to go with my new image Entry Point 2.

Aug 28th 2005

Added a new image called Entry Point 2. Added a test called Ice Flow. Added a sketch called Capsule Bot Sketch.

June 7th 2005
Added a model called Flatop Bot to the gallery.

May 10th 2005

Redesigned the gallery. Added a new digital portrait. Added a poll to the Store area, please submit your responses when you get the chance.

February 10th 2005

Added Reaper 5 to the gallery.

January 30th 2005

Added a test to the gallery of Brazil 2's 3d motionblur.

January 26th 2005

The Incredibles DVD will be out March 15th.

December 6th 2004
Added an interview I did for Thunder Chunky Magazine, discussing some of the stuff I did on The Incredibles, my personal artwork and musical tastes.

November 30th 2004

"The Incredibles" is finished and released in theaters everywhere. Added 1 new 3D Image, 2 Transformers related models, 4 digital paintings, 8 new tests and shaders, 1 collaborative test. Got several works in Expose 2 and Elemental books, published by Ballistic (including winning an
Excellence in Abstract & Design 3D Award). Now working on "Cars" at Pixar.

August 2nd 2004
Several of my artworks have been selected for inclusion in the books Expose 2 and Elemental from Ballistic Publishing. Furthermore, Ballistic has asked me to join them for a book signing at the ballistic booth at siggraph 2004 in Los Angeles (booth #1113). I'll be available for signing Tuesday starting at 12 o'clock noon, and there will be plenty of other artists during the 3 days exhibition to sign books as well (visit their website for exact timings, to be posted soon), so please drop by if you happen to be at siggraph. Thanks to Ballistic for giving me this cool opportunity, and hope to see you there.

September 16th 2003

Added 13 new personal works and 3 pages of collaborative artwork from Blur. One of my pieces was published in Highend Magazine Issue 3, and got 3 pieces into Expose 1, see Published Artwork section below. Working on "The Incredibles" at Pixar, the film will be released Nov 5th 2004.

November 29th 2002
A very small update adding some pics I did for a cd for a band called Elastic many months ago. I've been kinda busy these past few months, as some of you may know, I'm no longer at Blur and am working at Pixar as a technical director on the new Brad Bird film "The Incredibles", so updates will be kinda sporadic. I apologize, but I hope you'll understand. :)
June 21st 2002
I have the lizard character I worked on previously in a simple scene. Have a photoshop painting I did, and then 6 shaders, a few of which you've already seen in my tutorials. Speaking of tutorials, if you haven't checked those out recently, I redid the page, now the tutorials are ordered by subject, and I added a bunch of new photos and corrections and such, and a whole new lesson.

February 27th 2002
I have now split things up so when I enter the gallery section, you're presented with 4 choices. Personal artwork has my own personal stuff. Blur gallery has the work I've done for blur. Brazil blur has work I've done on my own time using brazil but that use blur assets (like models). And a brazil gallery where I collect all the work I've done using the brazil rendering system. There's a few new pieces of work in the personal gallery, but a lot of new stuff in the blur gallery.

December 2nd 2001
It's been a crazy year, and unfortunately not much time for personal artwork. But I still managed to do a few pieces, and have a pretty long list of new things I'd like to get going next year. Till then, check out a few new pieces in the gallery.

February 27th 2001
Well, as some of you have noticed, I have sorta changed gears and have decided to stop promoting myself under the soulburn studios name, mainly because I am currently working for Blur studio fulltime, and have decided to release my person artwork under my own name. Anyways, my site has moved almost entirely to My site got a pretty major update, simpler design, but easier to update and at this point I'm much more interested in providing useful content than a fancy website.

A few additions were added to the gallery...

- I have two ghost images that used to be in a different spot on my site.
- I've added about 6 tutorials over the past few months, with more on the way.
- Added two new images, formation and desert rose.
- Visit the interviews section in the gallery for an interview on the OPi8 site.

September 4th 2000
Well, haven't updated
for awhile now, why you may ask? Well, I've been doing effects for a feature length film, and so had little freetime for anything else. And no, afraid I can't show any of the work I've done on the film yet, but once it's been released, I'll have some images and animation available hopefully. So this is a quick update with some odds and ends I've collected over the past several months.

- The site has been redesigned.
- A new image called Hatred IV.
- A new album cover for the band Human Condition called Human Condition 9 Months Alone
- Added a personal experiment called Pen On Glass.
- 2 Webpage additions, Soulburn Studios Index Page 7, and Soulburn Studios Index Page 10.
- For quake 3 players, added two maps that I built.
- Added a new tutorial and some book recommendations.
- For anyone using 3dstudio max, I have added a whole bunch of new scripts to checkout.

March 18th 2000
- A new image called Devoured.
- A new image called Entry Point.
- WBKids III Joyride, a bumper I did at Blur for Warner Brothers TV.
- Some work I did at Blur for a MegaRig commercial.
- An album cover entry for Malevolent Creation's Manifestation album contest (I didn't win, ah well).
- An album cover for Encabulos's Abandoning The Flesh.
- A series of three images, Downwards I, Downwards II and Downwards III.

January 12th 2000
First update of the new millenium, and my website has now been split into three pieces (my artwork at, my personal stuff at and my soulkiller webzine at These new domains should be running by tomorrow, but is running right now and has been updated with the following art...

- Lots of images from a short animation I worked on at Blur called SciFi Chain Reaction.
- A new image called Twins.
- A new image called The Pod Part 1: Cell.
- The Book Offering by Don Campbell whose cover I made is now available from Infinity Comix, 289 St-Jean Boul Pointe Claire, Québec, Canada., Nebula Books 1832 Ste. Catherine Street West, Montréal, Québec, Canada. H3H-1M1, and for more web info, go to

October 24th 1999
Despite a hectic schedule at Blur, would you believe being immersed in art has just totally gotten my creative juices flowing, and instead of ending my freelance work, my productivity has increased! I have tons more work I will be adding in the next update, including some of my blur work, but here are a few images to tide you over till then. Next update will happen hopefully before the end of the millenium.

- Added a PERL script to automatically generate html pages for this gallery. What does that mean? It means, when I update my gallery, I no longer have to edit 70-90 pages, I can edit just a single page and let the script do the rest of the work (since all the pages are really the same style, just with different text and images). Big thanks to Duane Powell for the coding expertise
- Added a new image called Eternity.
- Another new image called The Next Level.
- A somewhat new (old really, but new to you) digital image called Offerings which is the book cover for the novel Offerings by Don Campbell.
- A new image destined to become a CD cover entitled Support.
- The Coprofago Images Of Despair album cover.
- The Nexus 6 Acid Reign album cover.
- The Silent Fear album cover.

July 24th 1999
- The company who was making prints for me has decided to move on to something new, so prints are no longer available of my work. But keep watch over the next few years, I'm sure some developments in this area will occur.
- Here's Walkabout in its finished form.
- Added a new test animation called Lava Flow.
- Added a new image called Hatred III.
- Added another new image called Lifeline.
- Two new fonts, Ix and IxCorroded.
- A tattoo design I did for a friend of mine, KKG.

For those of you who don't know, I have now graduated from University, and have moved to California, where I'm currently working a Blur studios in Venice. What does this mean for my personal artwork? Well, it means I won't have as much time as I used to to update my webpage with new work, but don't believe for a minute that my current employment is going to end my art. My personal artwork is a large part of my life, and this is really only the beginning. So don't expects tons of new work or updates for the next few years (But don't expect to see nothing either, I still have tons of projects I'm working on and I'm a workaholic, so you know I'll get them done), but for those of you who are in this for the long term, I do intend to eventually return to freelancing, and you'll probably see fine arts prints, posters, art books, CD covers and all kinds of other cool stuff pouring from Soulburn Studios.

March 20th 1999
- Prints of my artwork are now available. Check out the Order Prints Section.
- Some stills of the scenery from my animation in progress, Walkabout.
- Coprofago just released the first single to their new album, and it has my cover art on it. Check it out at Corpofago Empty Creature.
- A new font, Wound.
- Another new font, LifeStream.
- Yet another new font, EggHead.
- And another, Wound Example I.
- A new typographical exercise, Scratch Your Eyes Out Example II.
- A new test animation called Oil Tank Explosion A.
- A new acrylic painting entitled Here I Am.
- A good scan of my Partners painting.

December 22nd 1998
A short update, with a few new pieces, but I wanted to do one last update for 1998
- Loik has been finished.
- Updated the Walkabout page.
- I added some typrographical exercises to the gallery. Here's one that you've probably already seen, Digital Stabbing Example I.
- Another oldee, Scratch Your Eyes Out Example I.
- Here's a new one, Too Damn Tall Example I.
- And another new one, Digital Stabbing Example II.

Well, 1998 is almost gone, and 99 is almost here. This has been a very, very major year in my life, and I look out at the new year with hope for possibly the very first time in my life. Thank you to each and every one of you, I'll do my very best to provide you with tons of kick ass new art in the coming year.

October 13th 1998
- Finished modeling my Loik character.
- If you use 3dstudio max, then I have a really indepth tutorial for you, explaining techniques for using editable mesh and meshsmooth to make characters, in particular, the Loik character I mentionned above.

September 5th 1998
Ok, it's the end of the summer, and I did a little housecleaning, so there's lots of new stuff, although maybe nothing spectacularly new. Check it out and you be the judge.
- Information about the new animation I'm going to be working on all year long called Walkabout.
- The model in progress for Loik, the first character in the animation.
- A new tutorial on how to create Water, Fire and Smoke Effects Using Particles and Opacity Maps.
- A new tutorial on how to make Tentacles and Chains Using Path Deform.
- My original Soulburn Studios Logo I.
- My Soulburn Studios Logo II.
- My Soulburn Studios Logo III.
- A rescan of an acrylic painting I did in 97 called Cyber Angel.
- A new scan of the acrylic I finished last year called Partners.
- The sketch for a new acrylic painting I'm working on, called Deus Ex Machina.
- A new font called SkyScraper99.
- A new section has been added called web, which includes designs I've made for the web. First off, my Soulburn Studios Index Page 4.
- And the Soulburn Studios Index Page 5.
- And the Soulburn Studios Index Page 6.
- And the design for The Whammy Page.

July 8th 1998
First off, sorry, no new 3D stuff this time. I'm having too much fun partying. But I am about to start some interesting new projects, so expect some cool new 3d stuff by this fall.

I'm heading off to Siggraph this year (If you don't know what that is, then I'll assume you're not going). Anyways, if anyone wants to drop by and say hello, I'll probably be hanging around the Kinetix booth a lot, I'm the big tall goofy lookin' guy with short brown hair, a black knapsack and a black deathmetal T-shirt.

As for the gallery, I finally bought my very own scanner (ya!), so I've rescanned a good chunk of my traditional art, and added two new pieces, the first of which is called Portrait I. The second is a watercolor called Watering Can that I had online about a year ago, but I took it down because the original scan sucked.

June 16th 1998
- Opened a new section called Models. The first model is called Shellback.
- Opened a new section called Sketches, which has lots of random sketches I've done, either specifically for a project or just for the hell of it. The first sketch is called Of Your Former Self Sketch.
- Added another sketch, Shellback Sketch.
- Added yet another sketch, Partners Sketch.
- I've moved the Snow Walker Sketch to its own page.
- I've rereleased the Inner Demon Sketch.
- And a better scan of the Cyber Angel Sketch.

May 24th 1998
- Added a new image called Fallen Angel.
- Added a new font SMeg Off.
- Added another new font Don's House Of Oily Love.

May 16th 1998
This is a pretty small update, I've just added a tutorial on how to make mech textures, and made a page for my soulburn logo. I have however redone the look of the site, so check it out. In a month I'll have a whole bunch of new sketches, at least one new image, two new fonts, and two acrylic paintings added to the gallery.

April 10th 1998
- The whole webpage has been updated with a new look.
- A new font has been added called Digital Stabbing.
- Another new font added called Too Damn Tall.
- Yet another new font added called Scratch Your Eyes Out.
- A new image called From Darkness To Light is in the image section.

February 14th 1998
- Inner Demon is finally finished. Woo-hoo!
- Just finished a more abstract max piece called Spit Forth.
- A new drawing called Shadow Walker is in the traditional section.

December 21st 1997
- I have added a new section to the gallery called Articles. This section includes articles, tutorials, and interviews that I have participated in.
- A new short animation called Dragonsaber is in the animation section.
- Special Note: Inner Demon should be finished soon, probably just after christmas.

November 29th 1997
- For any of you who may have access to Compuserve, there will be a VOUG conference featuring myself on Saturday, December 13 at 6 PM PST in the Kinetix forum (GO KINETIX). I'll be talking about my life, my work, my images, and my shoe size, so I hope some of you can come.
- I've updated the Inner Demon page with a new picture of the scene, and some new info about the project.
- I have a new drawing in the traditional section called The Reaper I.
- Cat 'N Mouse V2, I tweaked the main character's run a bit so it looks a little more realistic.
- Due to server space and bandwidth limitations, I've removed the animated gifs and dumped the quicktime idea. One day when I have tons of space I'll probably put them back up, in the meantime, find a good Mpeg player like InterVu.
November 16th 1997
- I've added Quicktime MOV files of my animations to the gallery (as well as MPEG), so now our friends on the Macintosh can join in the fun. Quicktimes for World Eaters should be available soon.
- A quick animation which is a simulation of a semi-realistic Waterfall.
- An Mpeg and Mov of Cat 'N Mouse. Also on this page a few paragraphs about the evolution of the project, and why it will probably never be finished.

October 24th 1997
- Added a new image called The Thing That Should Not Be.
- Added a new image called Snow Walker.
- I've added a page for the new animation I'm working on called Cat 'N Mouse, and have some test images for viewing.
- I have a larger mpeg of my Sunflare animation available.
- I now have five clips from my World Eaters animation available for download, but please don't laugh at how bad the animation is, remember I did this thing more than 2 years ago.

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