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A Few Words On Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Unfortunately, the definition of a Limited Edition Fine Art Print is murky at best. Ever since the computer created the ability to print potentially an unlimited number of copies of an image, this definition has been a source of great debate in the art community. So what I've decided to do is outline my definition of a Limited Edition Print as it pertains to my prints. I want my customers to know exactly what they're buying with no surprises.

I define an edition as a set of prints that have been created at a specific size on a specific type of paper by a specific printer. And limited means I only print a certain number of prints in an edition, with each print including a number, an edition size, and my signature, all hand placed by me on the paper.

So for example, there are 50 copies of my "Alternative Birth" image printed on textured paper at a size of 23" x 19" on the Epson 9600 Printer. There are also 50 copies of my "Alternative Birth" image printed on textured paper at a size of 17" x 14" on the Epson 9600 Printer. This is a different edition than the first.

I promise I won't do anything cheesy like print a new edition later on that's a tiny bit larger or a tiny bit smaller than the previous editions, and I won't swap printers and print another 50 at the same size on the same paper claiming they're a new edition. I want each edition to stand out as a unique item. I generally make each image in 2 sizes to accommodate your wall size.

The image may also appear in a book, show catalogue, on a postcard, etc, but these are mass market items, they should not be considered collectable, they are not on archival quality paper or using archive quality inks, and in general the image quality will be inferior to the art prints.

My goal in making these limited edition prints is to provide you with the highest quality reproduction of my work possible. They are a labor of love. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me on the subject.

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