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Assets for use with various pieces of 2d and 3d software. Hopefully they will help you in making your own artwork.

Soulburn Studios Tree Silhouette Brushes 1

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An asset pack of 12 ready to use tree brushes. I use these brushes all the time for creating distant trees in the background or close tree silhouettes in the foreground, anywhere you want the complexity of leaves without any of the color information. Several of the brushes are 2000 pixels or larger. Great for matte painting and concept painting!

Compatible with Photoshop CS 6.0 and above.

Go here for a detailed tutorial showing the best way to use and make your own tree brushes:

License: These assets can be used for any project you wish, commercial, non-commercial, etc. A mention that you used assets from Soulburn Studios is appreciated. You cannot take the contents of the pack and redistribute or resell them in whole or in part, either for free or for pay. Soulburn Studios can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from the use of these asset packs. If you have any suggestions, bugs etc, please contact me and I'll see if I can help out. Thanks!

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