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Assets for use with various pieces of 2d and 3d software. Hopefully they will help you in making your own artwork.

Soulburn Studios Utah Photo Pack 1 Arches National Park

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This Photobash Asset pack contains 100 photographs from Arches National Park in Utah. Great for use in matte paintings and concept art as photobash elements, or as reference for any other sorts of art related projects.

Don't you hate it when you get a photobash pack and it's just someone's vacation photos? Rather than being curated, some are near duplicates, one is out of focus? Well these 100 photos have been taken on an official reference gathering trip, and have been hand chosen from a pool of 500 photos to be the most useful for your photobash needs.

Almost all of them are at least 3000 pixels across. Some of them were used as elements for artwork for my narrative book project "The Story Of Inc."

License: These assets can be used for any project you wish, commercial, non-commercial, etc. A mention that you used assets from Soulburn Studios is appreciated. You cannot take the contents of the pack and redistribute or resell them in whole or in part, either for free or for pay. Soulburn Studios can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from the use of these asset packs. If you have any suggestions, bugs etc, please contact me and I'll see if I can help out. Thanks!

Click on the images below to see the texture maps larger...

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