Shading A Hard Surface Model 2014: Texturing A Robot Hand
By Neil Blevins
Created On: July 6th 2014

Are you a 3d Concept Artist who uses Keyshot but wishes its materials were more flexible and it had better painting capabilities? Are you a Texture Artist who works on the final asset, but are tired of waiting for a complex robot with thousands of parts to be UVd? Well this video tutorial shows off how I textured a robot hand from my book project "Inc" using a projection painting technique that requires no UV unwrapping and gives you far more flexibility than Keyshot provides while still retaining the speed. The robot is from my forthcoming Concept Art book "Inc".

My hard surface shading techniques have developed a lot since this lesson, so it may be worth checking out some of the newer lessons on the same subject, but this lesson still has some useful tips and tricks.

25 min video, $1
Shading A Hard Surface Model 2014: Texturing A Robot Hand Tutorial (Gumroad, accepts Credit Card and Paypal)

The video is also freely available on youtube, but the quality is not as high, and its not downloadable. So if you find it interesting, please consider purchasing it above.

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