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UDIM Support:

Would really like to see max have UDIM support. Here's areas of the software that would need updating:
  1. Render To Texture
  2. UVW Unwrap: Flatten Mapping
  3. UVW Unwrap: Pack
Here's more details:

1) Render To Texture Needs UDIM Support

Say we've done some initial shading work in max, then want to export the maps to Mari. Most people using Mari are using a UDIM workflow, and so currently we can't bake the maps from max to be used in Mari.
So would love to see full UDIM support for Render To Texture.

2) UVW Unwrap: UDIM: Flatten Mapping Needs UDIM Support

When using Flatten Mapping in the UVW Unwrap modifier on multiple objects, it distributes all the object's UVs in the 0 to 1 space. If you have a lot of objects though, there may be too many uvs in one quadrant to successfully capture the detail you need when using a single 2-4k map. Please make Flatten Mapping UDIM compatible by giving us the option of specifying how many quadrants to have the uvs get flattened to.

3) UVW Unwrap: UDIM: Pack Mapping Needs UDIM Support

We need support for Pack as well in the same way as Flatten Mapping.

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