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Falloff Map's Distance Blend Doesn't Work With Local or World Axis:

In the falloff map, there's a mode called Distance Blend, which is used to blend between two colors / maps based on distance to the camera.

As an example, take a look at this image. This is a plane going off into the distance, with a falloff map applied to it's diffuse channel. The falloff is set to blend between the two colors based on the distances setup in the map. The plane is 200x200 units large.

But under the Falloff Direction dropdown are other modes, including world and local axis. This seems like the perfect way to blend colors based on the world units. Like for example, if I assigned a material to those 2 cylinders, add a falloff set to Distance Blend in the Diffuse color slot, I pick World Z Axis, and I set the values to 10 and 40, I would expect purple on the cylinders until 10 units up, then a soft blend to the color yellow at a height of 40 units. However, that is not what you get...

Can we pleased have this fixed? It would be so useful to be able to control the blending of the falloff based on heights and distances in a scene.

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