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Zsphere Armatures:

I would like a feature akin to zspheres in zbrush, where you can quickly sketch a character with its limbs and major forms by doing something akin to puishing and pulling rigged metalballs around.

You'd start with a sphere, and then be able to add limbs. The limbs come with a simple rig allowing you to bend them like limbs would normally be bent. You could then add further sub-limbs on these. At a certain point you could convert your armature into a single polygonal surface, which you could then continue to sculpt using normal mesh editing tools. But the key with this sort of feature is it gives you the ability to get a roughed out anatomical sketch in a very fast and intuitive way.

See this zbrush video for more details:

This is also similar to the plugin "Form" by Marius Silaghi, see videos here.

Also check out this paper on Bmeshes: and a video of a practical implementation:

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