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Render Resolution Moved To The Camera:

I'd like to see an override in all max cameras that allows the camera to have its own render resolution and aspect ratio.

I can see many use cases.

1) If I'm doing camera mapping, I'd almost certainly want the render resolution/aspect ratio of the projection cameras to be completely different than my final render resolution
2) Say I have a scene from which I want to deliver 5 different still images, each needing their own different render res/aspect ratio. It would be nice to do this in a single scene rather than creating 5 different scenes and xref in your scene. Or write down the different render resolutions per camera and then manually changing them.

For the cases I want the resolution to be the same for all cameras, I think we should have one global setting in the Render Setup Dialog. Then every camera would have an override checkbox. If someone wanted to be able to change a bunch of cameras en masse, I'm sure someone could write a script to handle that, maybe even a camera resolution lister like the light lister.

Also, the new aspect ratio per camera would appear properly in the viewport with the appropriate safe frame.

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