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New Enhanced Scatter Modifier:

Modo has gotten a lot of press and use of its "replicators" recently. Replicators are basically an enhanced Scatter plugin, so I'd love to see a brand new Enhanced Scatter plugin for max, that builds on the features of the current Scatter compound object, but then adds many enhancements. The following is a list of features I'd like to see. Ones that are in Bold and underlined are features that do not exist in the current Scatter Compound object:

Some of these features exist in a Scatter Utility written by Peter Watje, however, that creates brand new objects, instead of remaining procedural, and since I very frequently want to go back to my scatter to adjust its parameters, keeping it a procedural object instead of a Utility is a must. You can also do something similar using the Pflow particle system, but it takes way longer to setup and edit the appropriate particle system than it would take to use a modifier, and it has various bugs that stop it from doing things like aligning to the surface properly.

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Autodesk Wishlist. The top voted wishes will be considered for future versions of max.

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