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Searching by Filename Find Files That Have Been Deleted / Are Offline:

ACDsee generally does a good job of dealing with files being deleted or moved by other applications, for example, if I delete a file using Windows Explorer in a directory ACDsee is watching, and return to ACDSee, it properly removes the file from my thumbnail view. However, it does not remove the file from the database. This means that If I use say the search feature, it will find the deleted file. I understand why it would be like this, afterall, if the file isn't actually deleted but just offline (like if its on a portable drive), you don't want to delete all your database info for that file.

But, could we have a preference that searches only in files that are currently online and not deleted? For both search and quicksearch? That way we won't find a lot of files that are not available for us to view. Thanks.

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