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Reaction Diffusion Component:

Would love to see the ability to make reaction diffusion patterns inside Filterforge. As well as creating many patterns that are really fascinating, so many natural phenomena use these sorts of patterns such as
animals (zebras, chettas, giraffe), fish, plants and coral There is a filter that Skybase wrote here to achieve these sorts of looks, but it has a number of limitations:
If this process was written as an official filterforge node, I'd imagine these 3 limitations could be vastly improved if not eliminated.

Below is some eye candy...

Reaction Diffusion Patterns can be used for fish and coral

These are some examples from the "Reaction" filter for Kais Power Tools, which was discontinued and no longer exists. Some great looking sand dunes on the lower left.

Some colorful reaction diffusion patterns...

Some final miscellaneous patterns.

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Filterforge Forum.

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