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Turbulence Noise Profile Added To Noises:

A pretty common noise type available in other programs is "Turbulence". Turbulence is really just a modification of a base noise type. Take whatever base noise you want, put its range into -1 to 1, take the absolute value of that, and you get turbulence (note, this formula happens before fractal iterations are applied).

So for example, here's regular Perlin Noise:

and here it is after Turbulence is applied...

This can be applied to Worley Noise (Cellular), any any other noise type. With it you can achieve some great effects...

While it is possible to build a filterforge network to do this, it would be great if we could just have this in the Noise Profile of all the noise types as a preset, so is there any chance we could have it added? Thanks for listening!

If you agree with this wish, please go and VOTE for it on the official Filterforge Forum.

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