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New Bitmap Tiling Options:

Tiling Dropdown:

The two current Tiling Options in the bitmap map (Tile & Mirror) are somewhat limiting. I'd like to see these checkboxes replaced with two dropdown lists that offers the following options...

1) None

2) Repeat Last Edge Pixel (tiles once and then holds the edge pixel color from the bitmap for infinity)

3) Wrap Around (what the current Tile option does)

4) Wrap Mirror (what the current Mirror option does)

5) Wrap Random Mirror (Mirrors, but chooses randomly if it should mirror or not)

6) Wrap Random Rotation (every tile is randomly rotated)

7) Wrap Random 90 Degree Rotation (every tile is randomly rotated, but either 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees)

These would be REALLY useful for breaking up repetition of bitmaps being applied to things like large ground planes.

Multiple Image Tiling

This would allow you to tile, but with multiple bitmaps.

So you'd choose the "Multiple" button...

And multiselect several bitmaps at the same time...

Now when it tiles the bitmap, it randomly chooses a bitmap from the multiple bitmaps you just chose. This would be the ultimate method for breaking up repeating tile patterns on large ground planes, or creating new patterns.

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