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Light Intensity Spacewarp:

Many times you need to tweak the intensity of a light in a specific volume in your scene. Reducing the intensity of the light itself can solve the problem, but it will also affect other areas of your scene that you may not want to affect.

I'd like to see a spacewarp that defines a volume that would affect the intensity of a light. Like lets say you have a character who's nose is too bright, but you like the brightness on the mouth area and cheek.

You first add one of these spacewarps to the scene. Change the Intensity to 0.5 (it should be able to brighten or darken, so 1 is neutral, below 1 is darker and above 1 is brighter). It also has an Inner and Outer Radius. The Inner Radius defines the full 0.5 intensity multiplier. The outer radius is no effect, with a smooth gradation in between the two radiuses. This is so you don't get sharp edges where the Gizmo affects the light.

Now move the spacewarp into position...

If your character animates, you can animate the position of the spacewarp to follow the nose, or you can attach it to the nose using linked xform or another feature.

Now bind the spacewarp to the light that's causing the extra brightness.

And now that light isn't as bright, only on the character's nose.

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