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VRayPtex Map should be able to use User Defined Properties:

Maya has the ability to assign Ptex maps based on User Defined Properties. As Vlado has said: "In Maya, it works the same as the tags in File nodes - you can use f.e. something like "texture_<mytag>.ptx" as the Ptex file name, and during render time, V-Ray will look up the value of the "mytag" tag in the V-Ray user properties for the shaded object. Like I said I'm not sure this is in 3ds Max yet for Ptex files, though it does work for file names in VRayHDRI (and in 3ds Max we just do the look up from the node user properties)." Would love this added for Ptex files in 3ds max, as it will avoid the necessity to create tons of seperate ptex maps in a multisubmap.

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