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Higher Sampling On a Per Material / Per Object Basis:

Sometimes you have a single material or object that requires more sampling, like say a grill on a vent whose holes are created with a transparency map.

Notice how the little circles don't sample properly, and some are missing (Adaptive 1 and 4)

Trying to fix it using more max samples doesn't' help much (Adaptive 1 and 16)

If you increase the samples
(Adaptive 4 and 4), you get a nice smooth grill...

But you've now wasted a lot of samples on the rest of the scene that didn't need it. This wastes rendertime, you really only needed the extra samples on a single object. Of course there are other samplers to use, some of which may do a better job, but I would assume they are still using more samples on objects that don't require it to fix the object that does need it.

I'd like a sampling boost added to the Vray Material AND to the object properties, so you can choose whichever method works best for your particular situation. Sort of like a Subdiv setting, except for overall samples instead of just the reflections.

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