Soulburn Shorts

Testudo Teaser 1

On and off, I've been working on a classic vertical scrolling Shoot 'em up (shmup) in the same vein as R-Type, Truxton, Raiden, Ikaruga or Gradius. After years of concept work, this year I started making a simple demo using the project as a way to learn more about the Unreal Engine. Thanks to a ton of youtube videos leading my way, I've made some progress.

Models in 3dsmax, textures in photoshop, landscape in Gaia, Unreal for the game engine. The first section shows a basic gameplay test, section 2 shows more refinement and a gaia landscape added, section 3 shows extra enemy types and a health meter, section 4 shows multi-firing modes.

Will continue to push this demo further, obviously the enemy ships are just standins and the landscape needs more details, I need powerups and other gameplay elements. But figured I'd post where I'm at currently. Not sure if this will ever reach a full game stage or stay as a demo, but we'll see what the future brings.

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