Soulburn Press is a Northern California Based publishing house founded by artist Neil Blevins. It's first narrative artbook, "The Story Of Inc", had a tremendously successful kickstarter in September 2017, and is now on sale online.

"The Story Of Inc" is a scifi story that centers around a man and his robot trying to survive on an almost waterless desert planet. Their lives get turned upside down when they come across a giant alien artifact that provides plentiful water, and a society that's built a settlement nearby who are not interested in sharing the resource.

A Narrative Artbook, "The Story Of Inc" contains a compelling story paired with beautiful artwork showing all the key moments. The 168 page book contains well over 200 paintings, sketches, and 3d renders from 11 professional artists in the film and videogame industry.

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The Megastructures book will be part art book, part scientific encylopedia, and will feature all of the most famous megastructures, both those in popular science fiction, and those proposed by actual NASA scientists throughout the years. It will include over 40 Megastructures: Space Elevators, Dyson Spheres, Stanford Toruses, O'Neill Cylinders, Ringworlds, Shell Worlds, Geofronts and many more. Each will include multiple illustrations, and scientific explanations and theories on how they could be constructed and used.

To Be Released 2019

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