Here's the various film, TV and shorts projects I've worked on.

Soulburn Shorts

Here's some short films and teasers I've made for personal projects.

Megastructures Book TeaserThe Story Of Inc Book Teaser

Pixar Animation Studios

At my 16 years at Pixar Animation Studios, I have worked on the following films, either doing visual development, environments, digimatte or fx.

Incredibles 2 Dino BraveCars 2Toy Story 3UpWall-eCarsIncredibles
  • Shorts: Lou - Battlesaurs - Day And Night - Cars Toons: Mater PI - Cars Toons: Moon Mater - Cars Toons: Tokyo Mater - Mater and the Ghostlight - Jack Jack Attacks - Tempi
  • Feature Films Pitch: The Good Dinosaur Prepro - Osix - Coco Teaser
  • TV: Incredibles Promo - Cars Promo - Carsland Commercial - Toy Story 3 Promo - Finding Dory Promo
  • Ride Films: Nemo & Friends SeaRider (Tokyo Disney) - Turtle Talk
Blur Studio

Had the chance at Blur Studio to work on many Film, TV and Commercial projects.
  • Feature Films: The Chosen Ones, One Tu Three Productions - Frank McKlusky, CI, Universal Pictures
  • Feature Films Pitch: MindBridge Alien Reactor Room, Blur Studio
  • Ride Films: 7th Portal Ride Film, Stan Lee Media - 7th Portal Preshow, Stan Lee Media - Batman Ride Film, Warner Brothers
  • Ride Films Pitch: Out Of Time, Blur Studio
  • TV: WBKids 1, WB Kids - SciFi Chain Reaction, SciFi Channel - Pioneer DVD Tornado, Pioneer - MegaRig, Mattel - WBKids 3, WB Kids - SciFi Scinema, SciFi Channel - SciFi Sciology, SciFi Channel - My Simon Commercial, - Pokemon, Pokemon - NBCi Test, NBCi - Xeon Spot, Intel - WBKids 4, WB Kids - Spiderman Toy Commercial, Toy Biz Inc. - Power Rangers Jungle, Bandai - Cyclonians Junkworld, Bandai
  • Corporate: Integraph Promotional Short - Mentor, Mentor Graphics

  • Corporate: Splutterfish
  • Episodic: Go Go Cory Carson, Kuku Studios - Paper Girls
  • Episodic Pitch: Skyborn, Jim Henson Company
  • Feature Films: The Devil's Rejects
  • Short Films: Soulburn Development - Smash
  • Web: Greg School Shkadov Thrusters - Blumhouse Productions

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